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Our Values


Our company is the largest wine-maker and grape producer of Hungary, with an own vineyard of more than 850 hectares. It controls and performs all the workflow from grape growing to the bottling activities, therefore the wine and the sparkling wine production technology is still in one hand. High-quality raw material is the key to the quality product, and this way also to the success of Törley Kft., already for 135 years. The high number of acknowledgements also prove that it is possible to prepare and distribute popular products at an affordable price, in a recognized quality also at international level, by applying appropriate technological and professional preparedness and dedication, also in higher volume.


As one of the leading wine companies in the domestic economy, we are aware that our operations have a significant impact on the environment and society. For this reason, our company has created a business strategy that is committed to sustainable development, environmental protection and cultured alcohol consumption.

For sustainable development, our company focuses on four key areas of development: wastewater purification, CO2 utilization, procurement and energy saving.

Törley Pezsgőpincészet Kft. is committed to support cultured alcohol consumption, it performs its activities in the alcohol industry responsibly and also undertakes strict self-regulation at industry level.

We know that our compamy can only grow if the communities in our environment bloom, as well. This is why it is important for us to have a positive impact on the district communities and to maintain a good relationship with them. We support local initiatives that are important to our customers and our colleagues.


We strive to serve perfectly the widest possible consumer demand. We follow the international and domestic trends, each year we introduce several new products both in the domestic and export markets, carry out innovations in packaging technology, so that the widest possible circle of consumers can find the right product in our portfolio.


The name Törley in Hungary is identical with sparkling wine. As the best-known and most recognized sparkling wine brand, the Törley name is tied to quality and the respect for traditions. For decades, our company has been one of the dominant players in the Hungarian beverage market and is a distributor of a number of international brands. Uniquely, Törley produces more than 60 different kinds of sparkling wines  and more than 50 kinds of wine in Hungary by using four types of technology - ranging from completely dry to sweet ones, from low priced ones to the more expensive ones - under the egis of tradition and quality, both for the domestic and international market.