Elmúltál 18 éves?

Are you at least 18 years old?


Thanks to the technical investments made in recent years, today we produce our quality wines and sparkling wines in a wine-production facility that is modern also from the aspect of European standards. Quality is the primary aspect of our grape raw material supply. Apart from Etyek, the company has vineyards also in the cities of Pázmánd and Tokaj, and in Balatonboglár it has established a processing plant. In addition to our own vineyard of more than 892 hectares, we obtain a substantial part of the raw material through our two integration partners who coordinate a vineyard of 1800 hectares, which means approximately the same number of primary producers. In addition to this, another 10 business organisations produce grape for us on plantations of almost 300 hectares. Our integration contracts are valid for 10 years, which ensures long-term cooperation and predictability for the farmers. For our specialty products, we produce the raw material in our own vineyards planted in our own development.

In addition to the technological developments, we pay a great attention also to the production of high-quality raw material by planting new vineyards. We believe that through the technology, it is the kind - production area - method of cultivation that provides the basis for a premium quality product.


Our philisophy is to follow our products from the grape to the customer’s table. This means that all workflows are still in our hands, starting from grape growing through wine production, sparkling wine production, bottling and transportation to the service of our customers. Our company still identifies itself with Joseph Törley’s motto:

“I do not want to sell imperfect goods because of the company’s good reputation.”