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Törley and advertising

TÖRLEY Sparkling Wine Cellar is known not only for their excellent quality sparkling wines. The founder, József TÖRLEY, and later, his successors also have skilfully utilized various marketing tools. The company achieved international success not only through their products, but also by issuing creative posters, waiter’s bills and using branded lorries. TÖRLEY still is the sparkling wine brand with the best marketing support in Hungary.

Also, TÖRLEY was the first sparkling wine brand that released a TV-spot in 1997. The rest quickly followed: TÖRLEY’s second advertising spot was aired in 1999. The third spot was shot in autumn 2002, and it was aired as a kind of opening of the autumn sparkling wine season. In the 2008 season, it was already our sixth TV-spot that reached the audience. In 2011, new spots were shot to introduce our new label designs. These depicted occasions for sparkling wine drinking. In late 2016, Törley launched a new product range, called Excellence sparkling wines. The cellar supported the launch by shooting a new TV-spot. This new spot, unlike the previous ones, also had a 45-second version. Its intro was made by time lapse technology, showing the construction of the company plant to all Törley fans.