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The sponsorship strategy of Törley Pezsgőpincészet Kft.

The sponsorship activities of Törley Pezsgőpincészet Kft. are implemented in accordance with the corporate social responsibility strategy. Our goal is to support programs and events which are in line with the objectives and mission of our group of companies and of our brands, and with which we do not infringe the laws and directives on alcoholic products. Each year we receive hundreds of inquiries, therefore please send us your request only in case if the initiative to be supported maches any of the two market topics and meets the other criteria, as well. We judge the incoming requests on the basis of the following sponsorship guidelines.

We provide support for:
• Events matching the business strategy of our group of companies that facilitate the implementation of our goals. 
• The events matching and supporting the strategy of the given brand, both in respect of its character and target group.
• Participants of educational courses in the field of wine production, commerce, catering and tourism. We provide a discounted opportunity to them to get acquainted with the history of domestic sparkling wine production.
• The cultural life, educational institutions of Budafok-Tétény and a number of local associations.

We DO NOT support:
• Political or religious activities. Our corporation represents an independent, neutral political standpoint and equally respects all religions. Accordingly, it does not prefer any political party or religious denomination to the others.
• We can not fulfil the support requests of private individuals.
• Events targeting children under 18 years of age.

If you believe that your request meets the above criteria, please send your written inquiry to the following e-mail address:

Formal and content requirements of the request:
• Please formulate your request to an extent of up to one A4 page.
• The summary shall include the following information:
    o the date of the event or initiative;
    o the purpose of the event or initiative;
    o how it fits into our company’s strategy;
    o a brief description of the event;
    o the expected head count;
    o the extent of the support;
    o any other relevant information.

Certainly, you know that large companies receive a high number of support requests in which a number of persons or institutions - setting a remarkable goal for themselves in the field of science, sports, healthcare or arts and wishing to achieve a significant result through our help - ask for support. Our corporation allocates a separate budget for such purposes. The selection of those supported takes place on the basis of objective decisions, according to a predefined policy. We strive to share the budgets available to us in the best possible way, but our opportunities often prove to be scarce both in terms of financial and product support.

We will reply in writing to each inquiry. Thank you for your patience!