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Our homepage not only improved in apperance, but was expanded also with a lot of new features. When designing the new website, we put the emphasis on being user-friendly so our current and prospective visitors can easily and quickly find content that is interesting to them.

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With great diligence and persistence I succeeded in producing something far superior to the Champagne sparkling wines known so far.

József Törley, 1882
  • 17,4 million bottles of sparkling wine
  • 15 million bottles of wine
  • 0,4 million bottles of spirit
  • Data from 2023, in terms of domestic and foreign market

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Visitors’ Centre! 

The Törley Exhibition and Visitors’ Centre is unique not only in its content but in its design as well. Entering the exhibition area, we find ourselves in a large sparkling wine cork from where we can walk into a bottle and then a champagne glass. This exceptional and innovative appearance makes the exhibition even more remarkable and unforgettable.

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The Törley Exhibition and Visitors Centre tells us a period of versatile, sometimes difficult but also successful 142-years. Through contemporary relics and records we can have an inside view of the birth and development of the Hungarian sparkling wine culture.

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