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As one of the leading wine companies in the domestic economy, we are aware of the fact that our operations have a significant impact on the environment and society, therefore we pay a great level of attention to the protection of the environment, responsible communication and the promotion of cultured alcohol consumption. 

Protection of the environment

Our company is committed to the reduction of the impact of sparkling wine production on the environment, and to ensure that any of our products is consumed by the consumers, they can always get the highest quality sparkling wine and wine, always having a unique experience. We focus our attention mainly to carbon dioxide and wastewater emissions, furthermore, water use. Our goal is to improve the performance of our sparkling wine factory in all areas so that we can provide a viable environment to the future generations, businesses and communities.

CO2 emissions

Carbon dioxide emissions contribute directly to global warming and indirectly to rising sea levels. As a result of climate change, it is becoming increasingly difficult to access basic raw materials and resources, so their prices are rising. It is in the interest of all of us to reduce CO2 emissions, therefore we continuously keep track of our direct and indirect CO2 emissions. Our goal is to contribute to the reduction of the harmful effects of global warming.

Our company produces carbonated soft drinks and cocktails every year in increasing quantities. In order to meet the increasing demand and the demand for sparkling wine at the same time, we have created a cocktail production plant. The construction was finished at the end of the last year, and in April and May we started manufacturing activities here. In the mixer equipment, a special dispenser mixes up to five components and saturates CO2 into the drinks, immediately prior to bottling. Thanks to this process, production becomes much more efficient and the company's CO2 consumption can be significantly reduced, as well.

Water consumption

Our goal is not only to reduce water consumption, but also to ensure that the water returned by us to nature is clear and that the local population is not prevented from accessing clean, fresh water for their own use. Water is also used to clean the production lines, recyclable bottles and barrels.

The second pillar of responsible water consumption is wastewater treatment. Our sparkling wine factory has a very modern wastewater treatment plant.

Responsible communication

Our communication never targets minors, i.e. people younger than 18 years of age. We only promote our products in a medium, program, or event, where it can reasonably be assumed that most of the audience is over the age of 18;

We strive to never communicate or encourage alcohol consumption while driving a vehicle;

We ensure that our communication never gives the impression that consumption of our alcoholic products increases mental / physical abilities or performance;

We ensure that our communication never suggests that drinking of our alcoholic beverages is allowed before or during operating a hazardous machine or when somebody performs a recreational or work-related activity at their workplace or near the workplace that may result in an emergency situation.;

We ensure that our communication never suggests that our products can prevent the development of any disease or that they can cure or treat any kind of disease or that alcohol has a healing effect, that it is a stimulative or sedative substance or that one can use alsohol to solve personal conflicts;

Our communication does not create any link between alcohol and pregnancy;

Our communication does not give the impression that alcohol consumption would promote social or sexual success, or that without such alcohol consumption, these successes would be unavailable, or that there would be any link between alcohol consumption and sexual success or increased sexual performance;

We make sure that our communication never gives the impression that alcohol consumption enhances sport performance.

Cultured alcohol consumption

We are convinced that responsible, cultured alcohol consumption is part of a balanced lifestyle. As a market leader alcohol manufacturer and distributor corporation, the mission of Törley Pezsgőpincészet Kft. is the production and distribution of premium quality alcoholic beverages and the education of cultured alcohol consumption.  

Törley Collection and Visitor Center was opened on 16 June, 2012 at the Night of Museums. It tells the story of the diverse, sometimes hard but also successful 135 years of our company. Through contemporaneous relics and records, visitors can see the birth and development of the Hungarian culture of drinking sparkling wine.  

It is important for us to increase our visitors' knowledge of alcohol consumption, including their sparkling wine drinking experience, showing the right place for sparkling wine and its role in gastronomy.