Currently more than one third of the champagnes is produced by the company for overseas markets. The most important markets of the Hungarian champagne are in Scandinavia, Canada and the Baltic countries, but they also reach distant places, such as: Vietnam, China, Japan or the United States.  

The most important export champagne brands are: TÖRLEY, HUNGARIA, CHAPEL HILL and BB.

In Estonia where the size of the population is 1.5 million, more than one bottles are consumed per person from the market leader Törley champagne, which means that the consumption is even higher than in Hungary. It can be regarded as a particularly great success that in Quebec province of Canada, the Hungaria Grand Cuvée Brut sparkling wine is the market leader, which is a great achievement because this province is mainly inhabited by French-speaking people.

With regard to the champagne consumption habits, trends and fashion, the export markets of the company are at least as diverse and the domestic one.