Annual Report

Financial results of 2016

Törley Pezsgőpincészet Kft. closed the business year of 2016 with a sales revenue of nearly 19 billion forints – more precisely an amount of 18,675,220,000 forints. This amount is the value not yet reduced by the excise tax.

Compared to the previous year, the sales revenue of 2016 shows a significant increase, with a value of slightly more than 815 million forints. This was primarily due to the two-digit increase in high-quality champagnes sales. While the company had fewer income from abroad, in Hungary it achieved an income nearly 174 million forints higher from the champagne sales and 212 million forints higher from the burned spirits sales, compared to 2015. The Törley and Hungária brands count as flagships, both for domestic and export sales. In addition, the domestic sales result of the François brand also shows a significant increase compared to the previous year’s result, and it is also better than the plan set by Törley.

In terms of spirit drinks, both the domestic sales and the export value increased. As concerns the Kaiser Vodka, the company has sold in Hungary more than double of the plan for 2016, which is six times the sales volume achieved in the previous year. The wine sales of Törley have decreased in Hungary and increased abroad - to approximately the same extent. In Hungary, the sales of the wine brand György-Villa have increased the most, and abroad the sales of the wine brands Tokaji and St. Stephen’s Crown have increased the most from the portfolio of Törley Pezsgőpincészet Kft.

Export markets

With an annual production of 20-22 million bottles of champagne and 15-16 million bottles of quality wines, Törley Pezsgőpincészet Kft. has become a recognized market player in the past decades, not only in Hungary but also in a number of European countries. Currently more than one third of the champagnes is produced by the company for overseas markets.

Currently more than one third of the champagnes is produced by the company for overseas markets. The number of champagnes for export exceeds 7 million bottles, and the number of wines for export exceeds 9 million bottles. As concerns champagnes, there was s slight negative change: compared to the 8,320 thousand bottles of champagne exported in 2015, the company manufactured 7,051 thousand bottles for foreign markets in 2016. By contrast, the export of wines closed the year of 2016 with an increase of almost 11.9%.

The most important markets of the Hungarian champagne are in Scandinavia, Canada and the Baltic countries, but they also reach distant places, such as: Vietnam, China, Japan or the United States. It guards its market leader champagne manufacturer’s role not only in Hungary but also in Estonia and in the mainly French-speaking Quebec Province of Canada. In addition to this, Törley champagne is emerging in a number of other countries, as it has achieved a great success in some countires of the Far East and in Africa in a short time.